Benefits of Bat Houses
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Benefits of Bat Houses

Bat Houses are beneficial for many great reasons, here are a few of our favorites.

First of all, bats do a terrific job at "controlling insects". This is a key issue in parts of Canada and the United States where detrimental insects are rampant. Because of their echolocation and maneuverability bats can unsuspectingly swoop down on moths, beetles and most notably mosquitoes. This has major significance whether you're an experienced farmer or an amateur gardener like most of us are.

Here's a cool fact, bats have been known to consume as many as 1200 mosquitoes in an hour and up to about half of their body weight. 70% of the more than 1,000 bat species are insectivores, meaning they feed only on insects.

In fact, many insects can hear bats from a distance and will choose avoid areas where they are present. How cool is that!? Also, providing sufficient protection for a bat's offspring is a another great benefit that owning a bat house will provide. You'd be doing your part in helping grow the bat population. Think about it. Who's going to address your insect problems if the bat population keeps declining? Without providing offspring the chance to develop and thrive you are essentially increasing the likelihood that the bat's will die off in the wild. The cutting down of trees has eliminated some of these natural homes for bats and they are more desperate than ever before to find proper coverage. Bat droppings, also known as guano, is a valuable source of natural rich fertilizer. It's actually a quite expensive and sought after fertilizer because of it's high concentration of nutrients. Having a bat house basically gives you a free additive to your shrubs, plant beds or struggling garden!

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