Anatomy of a Bat
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Anatomy of a Bat

Body - the bat's body is covered with fur.

Ears - bats have large external ears and good hearing. Carnivorous (meat-eating) bats have larger ears than herbivorous (plant-eating) bats; meat-eaters also have echolocation abilities.

Eyes - bats have good eyesight and can see very well in the dark (the saying "blind as a bat" is silly).

Five-toed feet - bats have two, five-toed feet and short legs with knees. Bats sleep hanging upside down, hanging by claws on their toes.

Nose - most bats have a good sense of smell.

Uropatagium - the flap of skin between the bat's hind legs and the tail.

Wings - the wings are covered with leathery skin (called the patagium) and are powered by large muscles in the body. Bats are the only flying mammal.

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