Bat House: Install a Bat House and Help Conserve the World's Bats
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If you are lucky enough to have bats in your area, you should be as hospitable to them as possible! Take a little time to educate yourself on how bats function in an ecosystem and you will quickly see their benefits. Did you know that most U.S. bats are insectivores? The average bat can consume 1/3 of its body weight in insects...per night! What this means to you, is that areas inhabited with bats have very controlled insect populations, in other words, they will keep the number of pesky, disease-carrying insects to a bare minimum. We have never met anyone who didn't want that! offers a wonderful selection of durable and beautiful bat houses that we stand behind. We also provide the know-how to to turn your yard into a bat-friendly environment, starting with the basics like attracting them and welcoming these visitors around your home. Remember, welcomed bats are productive bats! So take a bit of time to educate yourself on the process and learn how easy it is to get started with this super cool hobby.

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